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Prazzventures was conceptualized and designed by G.I.S.Wickramathilaka , in order to help you discover Sri Lanka through her fascinating history, culture and heritage.

I Prashasthi Parakrama the founder of Sri Lanka Tour Plan, started the company to cater to the needs of tourists who want to explore and enjoy our beautiful island from all over the world. Basically our aim is to provide you with a blissful travel experience. I started off as a Whales watching tourist guide in 2010. As the years went by I gathered a lot of experience and expertise in the trade of tourism. We understand every tourist, what they want considering their budget and give them a valuable, unique, unforgettable island experience. We have a great flexible team of chauffeurs approved by the Sri Lanka National Tourist Board and good comfortable vehicles in all categories that you are looking for. We plan your holiday as you wish. Happy traveling.

Join us on this journey of discovery, and let the Prazzventures inspire you to visit this wonderful and exciting island that has brought joy to so many.

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Editor’s Note
Written history is more often than not merely one version of events, told from the perspective of one person or a group of people. Other versions are passed down orally from generation to generation and are absorbed into the collective social consciousness. Furthermore, many of the legends and stories of old cross over into the realm of myth and the supernatural. The Prazzventures team has attempted to feature the most widely accepted version of events, filling the gaps using legends and imagination, while also shedding light on interesting alternative versions.