Fun, Sun & Sand in the West Coast


Negombo offers a wonderful introduction to the multicultural, warm and hospitable people of Sri Lanka!

Negombo is a delightful seaside town located on the west coast of Sri Lanka, about 38km north of Colombo. Apart from being a popular beach destination, Negombo has a number of great bars, pubs and restaurants that come alive in the evening, creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement. The city also has many interesting sites that showcase its colonial past. A visit to the charming town of Negombo should definitely be part of your Sri Lankan adventure!

❂ Don’t Miss

  • Seaside Fun
  • Scrumptious Seafood
  • Ayurveda Therapies

Useful Tips

  • A trip to the local fish markets in the morning can be a fun experience.
  • Hit the bars and restaurants on Lewis Place on weekends.
  • Go on a fishing trip with a local fisherman.

Tales of Negombo

Long ago, the kingdoms of Sri Lanka flourished from the trade of various goods, of which spices were key. One of the most sought-after spices in the world at the time was cinnamon, and Sri Lanka was one of the few places that had an abundance of it.

Key Attractions And Things To Do

Dotted around ‘Little Rome’ are a number of monuments that showcase the legacy of the Portuguese and Dutch Empires that once occupied the land. Negombo is also famous for its lagoon and golden sandy beaches.

Plan Your Holiday in Negombo

With its diverse communities, rich history and amazing landscapes, Negombo is a city that can be enjoyed by anyone who travels to the paradise island. Check our recommendations for things to do when you visit the city.

Best Experiences In Negombo

The city of Negombo packs in a number of great experiences for the entire family to enjoy. From culture to entertainment to cuisine, Negombo does not disappoint!

Hotels in Negombo

Located just a few kilometres from the Bandaranaike International Airport, the city of Negombo has become a popular first stop or last-stop for those visiting Sri Lanka. Negombo offers a range of accommodation options for varying budgets.