Colombo Race Course

The Colombo Racecourse Stadium was built in 1893 and it used to be the primary location for horse racing events. The grassy course was eventually transformed into Sri Lanka’s first international Rugby Union ground in 2014. While the grounds underwent their transformation, the grandstands of the stadium too underwent a beautification process, whereby it was transformed into a space for retail stores and dining establishments. Presently the Racecourse building is home to clothing, stationary, shoe and eye wear shops. There are also a number of restaurants serving fast food, Japanese, Malaysian and other types of cuisine.

An initiative called the ‘Good Market’ takes place at the venue every Saturday from 9am to 5pm. The market consists of vendors selling organic, ethical products that range from shoes, jewellery, stationary, to vegetables, cakes, herbs, jams and juices. There are a couple of vendors that sell some mouthwatering Sri Lankan fare that should not be missed!