Going Solo in Negombo

Negombo will most probably be the first city that you visit in Sri Lanka. It’s a great place to spend some time if you are travelling solo, as there are bound to be like minded travellers to meet and bond with.

A Culture Trip

Explore ‘Little Rome’, the home of a large number of Catholic churches and a Dutch era fort. The social fabric of the city is best experienced when visiting the places of worship, as it provides an insight into the harmonious way the diverse communities live here.

Relax on the Beach

The Negombo Beach is the ideal location to sit back, relax and take in the serene views of the Indian ocean against the backdrop of the setting sun. Go for a stroll along the beach, or engage in some water sports if you feel up to it. You may also be able to join a game of volleyball or rugby played regularly on the beach by local youth.

Food & Fun on Lewis Place

Should you be looking for a bit of excitement and company, visit the stretch between Lewis Place and Porutota Road. A number of pubs, bars and restaurants along this stretch come alive during the weekend with fellow travellers as well as locals.

Go Fishing

Negombo is famed for its fishing community that uses a myriad of traditional techniques to catch lagoon crabs, shrimp and other fish species for mass consumption. Head out to the Negombo Lagoon and set sail on a traditional outrigger canoe with a fisherman who will show you the ropes.